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Nelson Chambers is an award-winning consultancy. People are at the centre of what we do.We find and recruit the very best in the legal profession from the brightest students and graduates to the most distinguished leaders. We have an incredibly in-depth knowledge of the market place; with over 20 years' experience in shaping legal professional's futures.Our specialists have a deep understanding of the industry and will be there every step of the way with expert insights and advice. 

I have used the services of Nelson Chambers for a number of years and on multiple occasions.  Michael and his team have taken the time to understand our business and whenever we reach out to them for help with a vacancy, we always end up with top-quality candidates, and inevitably a hire is made very quickly and efficiently.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend all at Nelson Chambers.

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Meet the Team - Jason Reynolds

We spoke to Jason Reynolds, Director at the Chambers Group, about his experience and new role within the company. Jason, you're a Director at Chambers group. Tell us a little bit about your role within the company.My role within the group is quite wide-ranging and I take a lead on our analytics and technology, legal matters, and a few other things. A big part of my roles is training, not only delivering myself, but coordinating whatever development people need to reach their best levels, and working with the rest of the leadership team to spot opportunities where we can improve across the business.What parts of your role do you enjoy the most? It sounds cheesy perhaps, but I really enjoy helping people to improve, and ultimately this makes them happier and more productive and feel more valued within the group. Recruitment is a difficult job to find the time to take a step back and analyse your own performance and make adjustments and I like being able to do this hand in hand with the team.Training is a significant part of your role. What sort of training environment does Chambers Group have? We have an industry leading training platform with over 600 pieces of superb content from various sources, focused around recruitment techniques, mindset, sales and marketing, among others. As a Director team we also deliver training personally, and we from time to time bring in external experts to deliver training directly to the team. We believe strongly in a positive training environment. Please tell us why you think professional development is so important within a firm?Our approach is very detailed and quality driven and we believe in helping everyone perform to a high level is best for them, and our clients. I remember being told early in my recruitment career (a good few years ago now!) that you can earn more being in recruitment than you can earn as a doctor or lawyer. People in those professions have to train for years and years, but a lot of recruiters think they can just become a success overnight without applying themselves to improving.Given you have worked in the recruitment industry for many years, what would you say has been the major change in the industry in the past few years?There are always subtle things changing, social media clearly has had the biggest impact though. There are businesses who are able to find people themselves through their networks on Facebook Twitter or Linked In, although this is rare as it takes a lot of time! There are things we hear that are going to revolutionalise the industry which haven't really come to fruition, like Google for Jobs for instance. But social media has also changed the way people like to be contacted and engage with people. It was a lot more "cold call" driven 10 years ago than it is today. 

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Chambers Group transcends the traditional recruitment model. We nurture long term peer to peer relationships and are a central source of intelligence for the industry providing our colleagues' insight and guidance.

We are re-shaping the world of recruitment and we have so much more to offer beyond vacancies.


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