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Nelson Chambers is an award-winning consultancy. People are at the centre of what we do.We find and recruit the very best in the legal profession from the brightest students and graduates to the most distinguished leaders. We have an incredibly in-depth knowledge of the market place; with over 10 years' experience in shaping legal professional's futures.Our specialists have a deep understanding of the industry and will be there every step of the way with expert insights and advice. 

I have used the services of Nelson Chambers for a number of years and on multiple occasions.  Michael and his team have taken the time to understand our business and whenever we reach out to them for help with a vacancy, we always end up with top-quality candidates, and inevitably a hire is made very quickly and efficiently.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend all at Nelson Chambers.

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Q&A with Ella on her return to work after Maternity Leave

We interviewed Ella, one of our senior recruitment consultants, about what it was like returning to work after her maternity leave. We loved hearing her answers about the journey of re-entering the workplace with a new child at home, and how the transition process has been.Firstly, welcome back! It would be great if you could give us an overview of your role now you are back after your maternity leave.Thank you. It feels like I have blinked and maternity leave is over. I feel excited though as whilst I have been off my desk has changed and I am now working alongside my Manager Andrew Fragnito-Day recruiting in all support roles from Secretarial support, Legal assistance, Conveyancing, Paralegal, Business and Office managers, Marketing up to NQ level in various legal practices across Essex.As a working Mum, how has your experience been coming back to work after your maternity break? It has been smooth so far, I have had a few meetings about my return to work and how my desk will look on my return and I feel confident that it will be a success and it’s great to be working with the local businesses.There is a significant skills shortage across the board in many sectors - do you think employers, in general, could do more to support their female workforce when returning after maternity leave?I have been very lucky not only here but in my previous company where I have been supported in part time hours. I feel that this is evolving especially after the past two years where flexible working is becoming more apparent and ‘mum returners’ are welcomed as I also feel that when a woman comes back to work after having a baby it is normally because they want to continue their career, so will work hard to prove they are still an asset to the business and enjoy being themselves again.How important do you think it is for employers to support working parents?I think it is crucial as in all honesty I believe the employer will get so much loyalty from that individual as they (like myself) are grateful to be in a role they enjoy but also have the support knowing that being a parent has its challenges and flexibility that is sometimes required. But I also think this goes both ways, you work hard have flexibility with the employee the employer will offer the same in return.You have extensive recruitment experience in the legal sector - can you give me a brief overview of your background?I have been in recruitment since 2007, this is where my passion for the legal sector began, I started off working alongside two senior recruiters as a PA at Chambers and Partners, which led to me moving over to recruit In House Lawyers, General Counsel and Company Secretarial teams. I moved on from there and continued recruiting in the secretarial remit in the finance world before recruiting in the lending market. I enjoyed all of these roles but knew my next and possible last move would be back into the legal sector, so back in 2019 I joined Nelson Chambers and have never looked back. Recruiting within Legal Practice feels like it is where I am meant to be. If you would like to get in contact with Ella to discuss your career journey, or to ask any more questions about her time on maternity leave, you can email her at Ella.Britton@nelson-chambers.com

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Chambers Group transcends the traditional recruitment model. We nurture long term peer to peer relationships and are a central source of intelligence for the industry providing our colleagues' insight and guidance.

We are re-shaping the world of recruitment and we have so much more to offer beyond vacancies.


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