Chambers FC vs Jefferies Solicitors - Match Day Report

January 26th, 2018

Last night a team comprised of the finest AJ Chambers and Nelson Chambers have to offer took on the challenge of facing Jefferies Solicitors in a 5-a-side football match. Our in-house correspondent, Jason Reynolds, has put together a full write up of the game.

Last spring, we embarked on a mission when a team from AJ Chambers and Nelson Chambers played football against Jefferies and lost in spectacular fashion.

With a team very mixed in ability and having never played together before, it was never going to be a great performance. But it prompted a commitment that we would play more regularly and get better.

Earlier in January, we got the call from Jefferies that they wanted a rematch, and the challenge was accepted. Now time for the team selection.

With so many people having played in our informal 5-a-side games since our previous loss, it was hard to pick a squad, but it was finally chosen (with some contention) to be Jason, Andy, James, Darren, Stuart and Cody. Four of those people bought new boots to reflect how seriously they were taking it, which was probably too seriously…

We had worked ourselves up into such excitement that we were convinced it was some sort of clash of the Titans, not a friendly match between two of the best professional services companies in Essex who often work together.

The match kicked off with Chambers FC on top and Jason opened the scoring to settle the nerves. We were worried about the Jefferies player who had turned up with pink socks and orange boots. Surely a player with that much flair was going to be a world beater? So it gave us even more confidence when we raced into a 3-0 lead. Finding out he was not a world beater also helped.

As the match wore on, the training (and money spent) by the Chambers FC lads was becoming apparent with some excellent link-up play and fine finishing. Darren and Andy at the back seemed to be blocking everything, and James in goal was making some great saves. Stuart was there too.

Our commitment and enthusiasm perhaps bordered on going too far a couple of times with some fair but firm tackling, particularly from Darren and Andy, but the main highlight were some of the through balls by the defenders and midfielders, particularly Stuart, for Jason and Cody to keep firing into the Jefferies net.

James felt it was harsh on Jefferies so decided to roll the ball right to their attacker to score, in an unprecedented show of sportsmanship. Either that or the glare from his new white and silver boots got in his eye and confused him.

The match ended 21-6 to Chambers FC, marking the first time that we’ve managed to beat Jefferies in anything we’ve challenged each other to in the past; including football, netball and quizzing.

It was great fun and a pleasure to play against the chaps at Jefferies and we hope to see them on the pitch again soon, though this time it might be down to us to call up and suggest a rematch.

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